If you are a boxer or boxing promoter, then MWS Promotions can help you source sponsorship, broadcasting deals, raise your public profile, and provide career management.

Our Offices:

Our Dublin office where it all began…

We have our headquarters located in Dublin, Ireland; with additional offices in Malta and England.

About us


  • Securing TV deals for your boxing events.
  • Sourcing sponsorship for you/your event.
  • Raising your public profile/Marketing.
  • Securing title fights for your boxers.
  • Career Management.
  • Media Production.

ENTERTAINMENT: Formed in 2013 in Dublin, MWS Promotions initially focused on film production and management services for actors. This quickly expanded to other areas of the media, such as the production of commercials; film distribution; producing chat shows; and sourcing celebrities and musicians for radio shows. Our talent management services would later include actors, models, broadcasters, and journalists.

SPORT: Over the years, MWS Promotions opened a sports department to handle their increasing involvement in the world of boxing. In-house ring announcers, boxing writers, and pundits were provided for a variety of leading companies. Later, this increased to creating boxing websites & an online sports shop, boxer management, working as an industry facilitator, and boxing promoter.

“We are here to help you achieve your business goals and personal dreams!”

MWS Promotions

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