Christian Schembri

Christian ‘Coqqos’ Schembri is Malta’s most popular boxer/sportsman with a significant group of fans following his career and endeavours. The ideal public figure to help raise your brand’s awareness.

Christian is the current UBO Intercontinental Champion; an animal lover who adopted a horse; someone who actively promotes healthy living and has a vegan hamburger named after him; he had an official meeting with the Prime Minister after winning the UBO title; and when not training for his own fights, he gives boxing classes to children and adults to improve their health and self-confidence.

He regularly appears on TV, radio, newspapers, and on boxing websites. Additionally, his bouts are shown by the following international broadcasters:

  • Broadcasters
  • KOTV TV Program
    Shown in 50 countries
  • SportRecs
    3.5 Million Subscribers
  • Fite TV
    3 Million Subscribers

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