Christian Schembri

Christian ‘Coqqos’ Schembri is Malta’s most popular boxer/sportsman with a significant group of fans following his career and endeavours. He regularly appears on TV, radio, newspapers, and on boxing websites, making him the ideal public figure to help raise your brand’s awareness.

Fact File:
  • The World Boxing Council have named him the ‘New Arturo Gatti‘ due to his aggressive fighting style.
  • Christian is the current UBO Intercontinental Champion and had an official meeting with the Prime Minister of Malta after winning the belt. 
  • He was involved in a trilogy of fights against former Commonwealth Champion Scott Dixon, winning two of those bouts.
  • He is a fully vegan athlete with different restaurants naming dishes after him – The ‘Coqqos Knockdown‘ vegan hamburger and the vegan ‘Team Coqqos Sushi Roll‘.
  • An animal lover who adopted a horse and regularly speaks out against animal cruelty. 
  • He was sent a video from boxing legend Larry Holmes wishing him good luck in his career. 
  • He has been trained by British legend Henry Wharton (former British, Commonwealth, European champion and 3x World title challenger), and also did some training with the famous Fury boxing family (Peter & Hughie Fury).
  • Later this year he will fight a wrestler in a cross-over contest.
  • Christian also works as a promoter for some of his own shows. 
  • When not preparing for his own fights, he also works as a boxing coach to amateur boxers and adults/children wishing to increase their self confidence. 
  • He proudly flies the flag for Maltese boxing on the global stage. 

Below are some examples of Christian’s outreach on TV and in the media:

  • Broadcasters
  • KOTV TV Program
    Shown in 50 countries
  • SportRecs
    3.5 Million Subscribers
  • Fite TV
    3 Million Subscribers

Sponsorship or Business Enquiries

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